Heritage and Culture Events

There are many Heritage and Culture events throughout the year. Please check the web sites for individual details and for tickets and further information.

Show and Tell: Moon Rock at Market Hall Museum
Market Hall Museum
Wednesday 24th July, 1pm - 1.30pm
Thursday 25th July, 1pm - 1.30pm
This time 50 years ago, men had landed on the Moon for the first time and returned safely to Earth. After five more successful missions the programme stopped, and no-one has returned ever since. One of the legacies of NASA's Apollo missions was a large quantity of rock and soil from the lunar surface, which has shed light on the history of the Moon and our own planet. This talk focuses on some lunar samples that are on display in the museum, and similar rocks found closer to home, here on Earth.

By the Light of the Silvery Earth: our moon in science and science fiction
Market Hall Museum
Wednesday 24th July, 7pm - 9pm
A fascinating exploration of the science of the moon and space travel in science-fiction with Associate Professor Elizabeth Stanway from Warwick University’s Astronomy and Astrophysics group. Curator Jon Radley will also give a short talk on the moon rock specimen on loan to the museum for the summer. Part of our celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing. £7.50

Busking at the Museum - part of the Warwick Folk Festival
Market Hall Museum
Saturday 27th July
Drop into the museum throughout the day to hear a variety of musicians. Free, donations welcomed to support our Recollections Dementia Cafe.

Festival of Archaeology
Ashlawn Road, an Iron Age and Roman Landscape
Market Hall Museum
Tuesday 30th July Museum open 7 - 9pm, Talk starts 7.30pm
This talk by Archaeology Warwickshire’s Bryn Gethin will cover the results of two large archaeological excavations between Dunchurch and Hillmorton which have uncovered evidence of Iron Age and Roman farming along with Roman pottery production. £7.50

Show and Tell: Warwickshire's Jurassic Sealife
Market Hall Museum
Tuesday 27th August, 1pm - 1.30pm
Two hundred million years ago, Warwickshire was under a shallow Jurassic sea. Sea-life thrived, including a huge diversity of shellfish and at the top of the food chain - marine reptilian predators known as ichthyosaurs. This talk focuses on Warwickshire's Jurassic past, illustrated by fossils and rocks from the museum's collection

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