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Folk on the Water

Folk on the Water - the RECIPE: take one medley of musicians and place into a large 8-berth boat. Add organic food, a glass of wine, assorted instruments and move gently along the Warwickshire canal. Position under a warm English fortnight and allow to occasionally settle in pub gardens. Serve with a mixture of canal side communities and add applause to taste.

From the June 16th to 2nd of July, we are holding a FREE, non profit folk festival! Each year we raise money for a selected charity. The concerts are held up and down Warwickshire's Union Canal, some workshops are even held on board the canal boat the crew/musicians will be living in. It will be great fun for near by families and we have some of the best folk musicians in the UK helping out on our 8th year running!

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June 16th - 2nd July 2017
Various - see web site
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